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Block79: Supercharging eCommerce Success with AI-Powered Solutions

Building upon years of in-depth eCommerce experience, Block79 harnesses the power of AI to accelerate growth and profitability for businesses in the digital marketplace.

Our Capabilities:

  • Precision Data Analysis: We dive deep into your business data, pinpointing strengths, weaknesses, and untapped growth potential.
  • AI-Driven Insights: Our intelligent platform delivers actionable insights, illuminating the path to increased sales, optimized operations, and boosted customer engagement.
  • Strategic Growth Levers: We help you master marketing optimization, pricing strategies, customer experience enhancement, and seamless operational efficiency.
  • Actionable Implementation: Our expert team collaborates with you to execute data-backed strategies that drive tangible results and lasting growth.

Block79 Products & Services:

  • Profitability Optimization: Uncover hidden cost savings, streamline spending, and maximize your bottom line with AI-driven recommendations.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Leverage real-time market data and intelligent algorithms to implement the most profitable pricing strategies for your products.
  • Marketing Mastery: Optimize marketing spend, target the right audiences, and automate campaigns for exponential returns on investment.
  • Strategic Consulting: Benefit from comprehensive business assessments, custom growth plans, and expert guidance tailored to your unique needs.

Why Choose Block79?

  • Proven eCommerce Expertise: We draw on years of success in the eCommerce landscape, delivering measurable results across diverse industries.
  • AI-Powered Advantage: Harness the power of artificial intelligence to make faster, smarter, and more data-driven decisions.
  • Action-Oriented Approach: We don’t just provide insights; we help you implement the strategies that fuel your growth trajectory.
  • Unleash Unlimited Potential: Break through growth barriers and achieve your full eCommerce potential with Block79 as your strategic partner.

Client Success Stories

Success Story # 1: Accelerating Growth and Revenue for RangeUSA

Challenge: RangeUSA needed to optimize their eCommerce presence across 20,000 SKUs and drive online sales growth.

Block79 Solution:

  • In-Depth Analysis: We uncovered key challenges and growth opportunities through a comprehensive assessment.
  • Strategic 10-Step Plan: Developed a customized plan covering SEO (keyword research, content, technical optimization, link building), global and local SEO for 45 stores, and conversion rate optimization.
  • Rapid Results: Within 3 months, we significantly boosted organic traffic and conversions, directly impacting revenue.

Success Story # 2: Transforming Growth for Rainforest Hive

Challenge: Rainforest Hive sought to optimize key eCommerce KPIs and maximize revenue across multiple B2C platforms.

Block79 Solution:

  • Comprehensive eCommerce Management: Led website redesigns, SEO/SEM optimization, and email marketing campaigns for increased traffic and revenue.
  • P&L Expertise: Delivered on profitability goals while optimizing costs and ROI.
  • High-Performing Teams: Built and managed internal teams and external partners for optimal business performance.
  • Process Optimization: Implemented best practices and tools to streamline operations and accelerate growth.
  • Data-Driven Success: Leveraged analytics to uncover insights and drive results with speed and efficiency.

Success Story # 3: Powering Private Label Success for Sazmas

Challenge: Sazmas Inc aimed to develop and grow private label brands across diverse categories, driving significant revenue.

Block79 Solution:

  • Private Label Mastery: Created and managed 10+ brands generating $10M+ in annual revenue, from product sourcing to development and marketing.
  • Strategic Planning: Established objectives, KPIs, and tailored strategies to boost sales and grow brand value.
  • Data-Driven Execution: Leveraged insights for product research, marketing optimization, and seamless eCommerce operations.

Full-Stack Marketing: Implemented comprehensive marketing plans across SEO, SEM, advertising, social media, email,

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Prevent Costly Breakdowns. Maximize Equipment Uptime.

Proactive Heavy Equipment Maintenance with Block79

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

  • .Reduce costly repairs and breakdowns
  • Extend the lifespan of your equipment
  • Ensure optimal equipment performance
  • Improve safety and reliability on the job site

Our Services

  • Manufacturer recommended services (250hr/500hr/1000hr)
  • Fluid level checks and changes
  • Filter replacements
  • Lubrication
  • Thorough inspections (belts, hoses, etc.)
  • Performance and safety checks
  • Optional Emergency Repair Service Available

Why Block79?

  • Experienced technicians you can trust
  • Competitive pricing, customized plans
  • Committed to keeping your operations running smoothly
  • Block79 tailors maintenance plans to YOUR specific equipment and usage
  • Flexible hours, including after-hours and weekends


  • $1450 per unit (minimum of 10 units)
  • Hourly Rate of $75 (For Repairs outside prevent maintenance)
  • No travel costs for services within RTP
  • Additional discount available for 10+ units.
    Additional cost for parts & material

Visit block79.com or call +1 919 800 0569 for a FREE quote!